My Memoir

‘When a Girl Marries’

My memoir had it’s beginning when sorting through my mother’s personal papers following her death in 2010. I discovered neat bundles of letters that I had written to my family over the last fifty-three years. It intrigued me that my mother had so carefully stored them in her cherished antique trunk.

During my first ten years, we lived in the Australian golden triangle, that is Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. My father’s diplomatic posting relocated my family to New York then Canada, before returning to Australia in my mid-teens.

Almost married at eighteen to a CIA agent, I found myself in New York, penniless. I married a French Art Dealer, twenty-one years my senior. My University was Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp mentoring me through my coming-of-age on what was a wild bumpy ride.

There were many moments madness in the New York art scene while modelling and acting. The birth of my first child led to exhaustion and a recovery trip to Australia. While in Melbourne, I survived a devastating international custody battle for my New York born son. This led to a re-examination of international custody laws. A second marriage and three sons followed, yet a settled life eluded me. Now turning thirty-five, husbands were not working for me. It was time to grow up and rescue myself.

The following twenty-five years documented my life in Arizona and California. A personal renaissance; a resurrection of family values, a successful career and finally a vineyard in country Australia with the love of my life.

I have shared this rich tapestry of living with passionate and diverse women mentors. Men albeit wonderful and necessary have been a distraction with the exception of my loving sons and my Prince Charming.